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Luscious Lips:
Want Luscious Lips? Here’s How

Angelina Jolie is genetically blessed with luscious, fuller lips. Today, Hollywood's elite have hired numerous plastic surgeons and spent fortunes on collagen filler, in order to achieve the fuller-look effect.

While we're not going to extremes with this article, we can show you how to use simple makeup tricks to achieve fuller lips.

You will need:

* A nude lip pencil
* Lip brush
* Lip-gloss
* Concealer

Step 1
After applying foundation to your face, line the outer lips with concealer, going over your natural lip line. Using your finger or an ear bud, blend the concealer into your lips. Make sure you apply the concealer in the shape of your natural lips.

Step 2
Using the nude lip liner pencil, draw a lip line that is just above your natural lip line. Fill in the liner over your natural lip line, creating a solid border.

Step 3
Using your fingers or ear buds, blend the lip liner over your entire lip, filling in any gaps.

Step 4
Using your clear lip-gloss, apply a little to the lip brush and apply to both lips.

You're done.

Author: Dimi Ingle
Copyright: Remedium. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium.

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