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Introduction to Magnetic Therapy


Because scientists are tireless in their pursuit of discovering new ways to treat diseases, they have shed light to the recovery of patients. Among the recent discoveries is the use of magnetic field therapy. Although it was used even during the time of Cleopatra, it is only recently that it has gained favorable popularity. Luckily, most doctors and practitioners in the field of science have openly welcomed this procedure. These new discoveries only highlight further the need to carefully choose family physicians to employ, as they must have a wide array of options to cure the patient effectively.

Now, the Magnetic Field Therapy can be used to cure a variety of ailments. However, one cannot undergo treatment immediately. Before being prescribed this treatment and undergoing it, the doctor will first perform a check-up, discuss pertinent ailments and examine the patient very well. This will entail obtaining the adequate laboratory information, as well as x-rays in order to properly diagnose and prescribe the treatment. After all the data has been gathered and a working diagnosis has been completed, the doctor will likely proceed to discussing alternative treatments.

The concept of magnetic energy or magnetic therapy dates back to many centuries ago. In fact, legend has it that Cleopatra wore magnetic bracelets as well as necklaces for their healing powers. Although doctors have been performing this technique since the 1800s and early 1990s, the therapy went out of favor for a considerable period. In the present decade, this therapy flourished well enough that it had become a 100 million dollar industry. The boom of the business helped the therapy gain popularity in countries like France, Japan, India and China, particularly for its capacity to heal soft-tissue injuries.

Doctors have sponsored long-term studies in order to arrive at a standardized method of use of magnets in treating diseases. Today, there is a standardized size and strength for the magnet. Studies as regards to the duration of exposure to the magnet in order to heal certain diseases were also concluded. As a result, we are now well-informed as to which kind of magnet will work effectively--information that is vital in determining which parts of the body are viable locations and which ones are not. In a scenario of unawareness of which locations in the body are viable, one may run the risk of putting a magnet on one precise part of the body that may not trigger the whole body's healing power. On the other hand, sleeping on a magnet mattress pad emits a magnetic field that can infiltrate equally into all the part of the body and thus boost the entire immune system.

Because of the growth of the magnet therapy industry, many magnet products have been created and produced that can help provide information for those seeking treatments for numerous body conditions. One of the most frequently used magnetic products is the magnetic mattress pad, which can help cure insomnia, muscle spasm, joint pain and even fibromyalgia. Other popular products include magnetic insoles for shoes, which can help alleviate the pain from feet inflammation and help prevent the progression of said inflammation to bone spurs. These magnetic insoles also treat gout and improve blood circulation. Moreover, other products like magnetic pads and wraps, which can be placed on the lower back, elbows and knees, are helpful for arthritic joints, carpal tunnel syndrome and inflamed tendons. It is believed that magnet therapy can also cure serious health problems like cancer, arthritis, fractured rib, brown recluse spider bite, shoulder pain, swollen eye, tiredness and many others.

The benefits of the treatment are adequately accessible. If you plan to subject yourself to this effective Magnetic Field Therapy, it may be wise to begin by consulting a qualified doctor about it.

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