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Makeup Brushes for Eyes and Lips

These brushes are trickier than the face brushes as there are so many to choose from. Using the right kind of brushes for the right effect, however, will allow you to apply your makeup with perfection.

1.) Eye brushes

There are a wide variety of brushes to consider including the eye shadow brush, smudge brush, angled brush, eyeliner brush and even mascara brushes. The ones you choose depend on what look you are after.

1.1) Eye shadow brush

The most important brush to own is an eye shadow brush. These come in various shapes and sizes and help you to apply the color evenly onto your eyelids. The ideal number of eye shadow brushes to own for personal use is three. Generally three complimenting shades are used to create an "effect" on the eye, and if you can afford it, having a different brush for each shade is ideal to ensure perfect application.

1.2) Smudge brush

A smudge brush is used to blend eyeliners and kohl pencils and is a must-have item for smokey eyes. This brush also adds definition to the eyelid and lower lash line without appearing too hard. A smudge brush is flat, has small hairs and is slightly rounded or dome shaped.

1.3) Angled brush

An angled brush, as the name says, has a slanted edge. The hairs are short and generally quite stiff. The angled brush is used to perfectly apply shadow to the eyebrows with precision and accuracy. It can also be used to apply accurate lines to define the lash line, instead of drawing your lines with a pencil. The brush gives the liner a softer, more natural look.

1.4) Eyeliner brush

An eyeliner brush is slightly tapered, is thin and has very short, stiff hairs. The design of this brush helps you to apply pot or liquid eyeliner without messing.

1.5) Mascara brush

Mascara brushes come with mascara products, however, separate brushes can also be used to help you achieve a desired look. These come in different brush styles including varieties of thick and thin styles.

2.) The lip brush

Although lipstick generally comes with an applicator, a lot of women prefer to use a lip brush instead. A lip brush helps you to use less lipstick, but still gives you the opportunity to add more or less of the product. A lip brush is small and flat, but can also have rounded edges for shaping.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
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