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Makeup Brushes for the Face

In this article we will look at the various types of brushes that are used to help you apply makeup to your face or skin. Whether you want a simple day look, a polished look or an all out flawless face, the right brushes will help you get the look you are after.

Face brushes are used to apply "skin" makeup, and are used for application of products such as foundations (creamy, powdered or liquid), concealers, powders, bronzers and blushers.

Skin or face brushes are the must-have brushes, and every girl should have these in her beauty kit. The right brushes will ultimately make the application of your makeup much easier, quicker and can even help your product to last longer, because you use less.

The foundation brush

Women often use their fingers or a makeup sponge to apply foundation to their face. A foundation brush, which is a flat brush with longer bristles, helps you to get that polished, flawless look because it applies just the right amount of foundation to your face. In addition to the flawless finish, using a foundation brush means your makeup will last longer because you will use less, plus you won't have messy, groggy fingers.

The concealer brush

This is a small, thin brush that has short, flat bristles and a tapered edge. This brush allows you to place your concealer exactly where you need it. Concealers are used to hide and conceal dark circles under the eye, blemishes and any other skin imperfections and are generally applied after your foundation.

The powder brush

The powder brush is probably the most popular brush of choice. It allows you to dust a light amount of loose powder on your face so that it doesn't look "caked". This brush is slightly dome shaped and comes in various sizes.

The blusher brush

Oftentimes the blusher brush is confused with the powder brush, and although you can use these two brushes for the same effects, it is advisable to have one brush for each. After all, you don't want pink blotches on your powder. A blusher brush is typically a fuller, more rounded brush that is designed to help you add color, often referred to as "blush" or "rouge", to the apples of your cheeks.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
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