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Makeup Tricks: Shape and Contour Your Face

Let's face it, not everyone can look like a supermodel. In fact, even models may appear prettier and more striking than they in fact are, and it's all thanks to clever makeup tricks. One such makeup trick is creating contours that sculpt, highlight and enhance your facial features.

With a bit of practice and these sound application tips, you too can enjoy supermodel cheekbones and have a sexy, sculpted face. Defined or enhanced cheekbones can also help to slim the face and are very appealing in photographs.

There are three steps when it comes to creating a sexy shape for your face:

  1. Contour
  2. Highlight
  3. Blush

1. Contour

Start sculpting by applying a bit of contouring powder, using an angled makeup brush. An angled brush is similar to a blusher brush, except it has a slight slant. This allows you to get more product onto the edge of the brush and less on the ends, making it easier to blend.

Contouring powder should be a neutral color and only one or two shades darker than your foundation.

To apply, follow the hairline from the ear to the tip of the cheekbone. This area is the ideal place to contour. Start by sweeping the brush downwards, gradually blending the color so that it lightens out as you go down. The tip of the angle brush should be closest to your hairline.

You can also contour the jaw and temple area. This helps sharpen and define your features. For temple contouring, apply contour powder in a "V" shape, using the angled brush and blend. For jaw contouring, apply a small amount of product directly on the jaw line and blend across as well as downwards.

2. Highlight

A highlighting powder helps to enhance and highlight the face and should be applied after contouring.

Highlighting powders are white in colour and can be applied with a highlighting brush or angled brush. When adding highlighting powder, only a small amount should be used to avoid looking too white. Always dust off access product from your brush by tapping it slightly before application.

Apply highlighter slightly above the cheek bone, just above your contouring powder and blend downwards. You can also highlight your forehead and chin by adding a small amount of powder in the center and blending lightly to even it out.

3. Blush

Your blusher or "rouge" should be applied last and is great for giving your cheekbones a "pop" of color. To apply use a blusher brush, smile and add the product to the apple of your cheek. Blend it upwards and lightly over your contour and highlighting powder for a polished look.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
Copyright: Remedium. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium.

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