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Making Fitness Fun

Being physically fit doesn’t mean you have to spend every waking hour in the gym. In fact, to enjoy fitness you don’t even have to step foot in a gym.

Sure, going to gym makes things a whole lot easier as you have easy and instant access to weights, treadmills, bicycles, rowers, machines — basically the whole lot. But if you want to keep active and don’t enjoy the gym, here are some alternatives that make fitness both fun and functional.

Fitness Fun

A family enjoying a walk on the beach

Make it a family affair
If you’re not the gym type, the great outdoors is a perfect place to workout and get your fitness plan in motion in a fun way. Go for a romantic walk with your partner, enjoy a fun ride with the kids or play outdoor games with the whole family. Cricket, volleyball, touch rugby, basketball and even soccer are great options. It’s the perfect way to get your body moving whilst spending quality time with the family and creating that “closeness” that builds the family spirit. Plus you’ll be instilling good health in your whole family while doing your own body a world of good.

30 minutes of moderate cycling can burn up to 144.3 calories
30 minutes of light walking can burn up to 67.65 calories

Get your friends involved
Instead of the usual boys night out drinking or girl’s slumber parties sipping on wine why not create fun things that you and your friends can enjoy? Get together and plan fun outings like hikes, beach volleyball or even tenpin bowling. These are all fun ways to socialise and keep your heart rate up

30 minutes of volleyball can burn up to 124.41 calories
30 minutes of hiking with gear can burn up to 165 calories
30 minutes of bowling can burn up to 161.7 calories

Pump up the jams
A great way to make any workout fun is to get yourself an MP3 player such as an Ipod. You have more fun working out when you’re listening to the music you enjoy. So invest in a nifty little MP3 player, load it with tunes that make you want to move and get going.

Join a class
Most gyms have innovative classes that are great fun and help burn calories. The benefit of taking a fitness class is that you get to work your body, have fun and also meet new people. Dance classes double up and teach you how to dance the night away while classes such as boxercise or tae-bo teach you valuable self-defense techniques.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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