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Making the Most of Exercise

Marry exercise and diet together.

Consult a dietitian, find simple, sustainable options for dietary changes, and use them in conjunction with exercise for best results.

Work the plan and the plan will work.

Consistency is key when it comes to exercise. People fail because they jump from one plan to another and never benefit from consistent, long-term planning. So get yourself a sound program (from a qualified biokineticist or trainer) and then trust the plan.

Be patient.

One of the biggest challenges is that early on itís tough to exercise at the right intensity for long enough to see results. As your fitness improves, so too will your ability to hit the right training volumes and intensities, and your results will improve. So be patient, get to the top of that first hill ó youíll coast from there.

Donít be preoccupied with the scale.

When you exercise, you can expect to increase lean muscles mass and plasma volume (literally, you make more blood). This will naturally increase your weight at first. But donít worry too much about a number when you start ó focus on fitness and allow the weight to take care of itself.

Find a friend.

Donít go it alone ó whether itís diet or exercise, the biggest predictor of success is your adherence to a plan for a long time. And what better way to ensure you keep at it than by making it fun and sociable.

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