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Martial Arts Schools

Martial arts differ from unarmed brawling in their organized techniques, coherent system and codification of effective teaching methods. Although there are many styles of martial arts, most of them share the common goal of physically defeating a person or defending oneself.

Every martial arts school has its own goal; some classes teach students to become effective competitors in tournaments, while other classes attempt to teach the students to defend themselves effectively against anticipated situations. Some schools also teach students to preserve the ancient traditions of martial arts. Martial arts schools, mainly in China, also educate students about side disciplines like bone setting, qigong, acupuncture, acupressure and other aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.

Martial Art School

Most martial arts schools focus on the different areas of combat such as striking, kicking, grappling and throwing, and weaponry. However, one common training technique used by all martial arts schools is to have a series of routines called forms, which also serve as a dictionary of essential techniques to be memorized for times of need.

The teaching of martial arts in Asia follows the Confucian cultural tradition of teacher-disciple apprenticeship, wherein a master instructor trains a student in a strictly hierarchical system. In this traditional teaching system, the instructor directly supervises their studentsí training sessions, while the students are expected to memorize and recite the rules and basic training routines of the school. Martial arts also existed in ancient European civilizations, especially in Greece, wherein boxing, wrestling and pankration were an integral sports form and were even represented in the ancient Olympic Games. However, in recent times, martial arts schools are focusing more on the competitive and spiritual aspects of these fighting systems.

Contemporary martial arts schools not only teach students various self-defense techniques but also focus on increasing the self-confidence, assertiveness and concentration of their students.

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