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Things to Look for in a Dress Shirt

When choosing a flattering dress shirt you will want to consider the shape and size of the collar, the quality of the cotton and the color. Fabric is important but not as important as the collar and the color. Since the shirt color and the collar are close to your face, you will want those aspects to be perfect because when people talk to you it is the first thing they will see.

The shape and size of the collar you choose is important because it should flatter the shape of your face and the length of your neck to create balance. If you have a long face and neck for example, you will want to balance the length of your face by choosing a wide spread collar with shorter points.

This is the most casual of all collar styles because of its relaxed appearance and collar buttons. Button-down shirts are worn with sporty jackets and can be worn without a tie.

This collar is the most versatile collar because it can be worn with suits, sports jackets and can be worn without a tie.

The collar is considered dressier because the points of the collar are a little wider apart. This collar must be worn with a tie to fill in the gap.

It gets its name from the tab that connects the collar points behind the knot of the tie. This type of collar should be worn with a tie.

White Contrast
A white collar is named so because it is in contrast with the patterned or colored fabric of the rest of the shirt.

Although this type of collar (which is really a shirt without a collar) is sometimes worn as casual and formal, it is best reserved for casual wear.

Dress shirts should be made of fine cotton because it not only looks dressier than regular cotton and other fabrics, but it also feels more comfortable against your skin. Cotton shirts mixed with synthetics breathe less and lack vividness of color.

Not all cottons are alike and the quality of the cotton determines how dressy the shirt appears - the finer the cotton, the dressier the shirt. The drawback of cotton is that it wrinkles easily; yet, for those who travel a lot, synthetic blends offer the benefit of easy care. If you do choose a synthetic blend choose a blend that has more than fifty percent cotton.

For formal and business wear the white shirt remains classic. Although shirts in solid colors are suitable for business wear, bright colors are not traditionally as dressy as blue and white. As the color and print grow bolder the shirt becomes more casual.

Shirts that fit well have sleeves that end one inch below the wrist bone, collars that fit neatly around the neck without pulling and are not too tight and a shirttail that ends at the crotch to allow enough room to sit or bend.

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