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Mental Boost Increases Athletic

Professional athletes are generally considered all brawn. However, an increasing number are training their brain, making it an integral part of their dedication to their sport.

Athletes, especially those at a professional level are often exposed to extremely high pressures in their sport; from strict and tiresome physical training drills to dealing with winning anxiety and career security stress.

Sports psychology training such as that offered by renowned sports hypnotherapist Kyle Richards, enables athletes to overcome fear of failure, block out emotional and physical distractions, increase stamina and develop techniques that help them get into the “zone” prior to a big game.

Oklahoma State University baseball coach Gary Ward understands the importance of being able to utilize the brain in sports. He says, “mental and technical training gives the players an opportunity to establish a consistent, peak performance every time they step on the field.”

Being able to teach their brain how to actively reach the mind-body connection, athletes are able to bring both brawn and brains to their game.

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