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Mind-Muscle Connection

If you've ever read a fitness magazine or heard a trainer in conversation, you've probably heard about the mind-muscle connection. But what exactly is this? Well, lets break it down in this article — the short and sweet version.

The mind is one of the most powerful pieces of your exercise puzzle. It is important to condition and train it, just as you would any other muscle. Use it to help you reach your full fitness potential. If you manage to get this right, you could join the likes of bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known to have used the mind-muscle connection to help him build his world famous physique.

It has been said that Arnold used to imagine and visualize huge mountainous peaks while he performed his bicep curls. This image in his mind helped him to completely focus on his muscle and in a way guide it to become bigger and stronger, just like the huge peaks imprinted in his mind.

Many bodybuilders have adopted this theory and have used it to reach past their genetic potential. It's not easy and you may feel silly doing it at first, but using positive visualization and the mind-muscle connection can benefit your training and help you achieve the goals you are reaching for.

The brain controls your every move, so why not use it to
push further and further with your fitness and physique?

Author: Dimi Ingle
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