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Energy: Want Be More Energetic?
Here’s How

Want to have a happy day everyday? Get your energy levels up and you could soon be floating on cloud nine — everyday!

Having more energy makes you feel better, look better and it allows you to enjoy all the things you enjoy doing. Feeling tired and lethargic hampers your good spirits and drags you down. If you find yourself feeling down and drab, why not up your energy level now? We have the quick and easy guide to help you get there and here it is.

Sleep plays a vital role in your energy levels. Make sure you get enough — at least 7 to eight hours. Make sleep a priority in your life, and set a time that you go to sleep every night and stick to it.

Feed your body the right way
Nutrition is vital to help keep your energy levels up. After all, what you put in, is what you get out. The important thing to remember is to keep your blood sugar levels sustained throughout the day. This can be achieved by consuming small, balanced meals through out the day.

Get some sunshine
Sunshine makes you feel good. Think about how carefree and energized you feel when you're spending a day in the sun or outdoors on a sunny day. In countries where they have daylight sayings, many women feel as if their day is dragging during the autumn season. This is because there are more hours of darkness than sunshine.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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