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Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can make you feel really rough, especially when it occurs regularly during the early weeks of pregnancy. But if you’re desperate to ease the symptoms, then help is at hand. Not everything works for everyone, but there are practical self-help ways of minimizing the discomfort and easing some of the symptoms.

Ginger is a popular remedy in China for treating nausea and sickness and many pregnant women find it helpful. You can find it available in a variety of forms — as crystallized ginger, ginger tablets or capsules, ginger tea, ginger beer or even ginger biscuits. If you’re opting for crystallized ginger, try sucking a small piece when the nausea first comes on.

Seasickness bands, which were originally designed for people when they’re on ships and sailing, also double up as a morning sickness aid. They work on the principle of acupressure and come in the form of a simple band with a little rounded part that puts gentle pressure on the appropriate area of the wrist.

Other pregnancy experts suggest that eating little and often can be beneficial, as sometimes nausea can get worse if you’ve got an empty stomach. But if you’re affected by certain smells and tastes, then try and avoid them, as it could make it worse. Plus, if you’re being sick, remember to drink fluids, such as water, so you don’t become dehydrated.


Causes of Morning Sickness
Fifty to 80 per cent of women end up with morning sickness during pregnancy. Some just feel a bit sick, others feel incredibly nauseous and some women find themselves vomiting almost every day. Plus, despite the name, it doesn’t exclusively occur in the mornings and can happen at any time of the day. But what’s known about it and why does it occur? Read more…

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