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Muesli Nutrition Facts

Muesli is a cereal made from toasted whole oats, nuts, dried fruit, seeds and typically wheat flakes. Since it uses whole grains, it is high in dietary fiber, and depending upon the proportion of nuts, it can also be relatively high in protein, unlike most other breakfast cereals.

Note that muesli is not quite as waistline-friendly as it may seem. Although the ingredients of muesli are healthy, it is usually the preparation which is the problem. Muesli is often prepared by coating the ingredients in honey syrup and oil, which — as you can imagine — changes those wholesome ingredients into a very high calorie option.

However, you can still have muesli by choosing one of the many low fat or low GI options on the market. Another alternative would be to make your own muesli by combining ingredients in their raw form without all the extra sugar and fat.

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