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Natural or Synthetic Vitamins? Which is the
Superior Vitamin?

Feeding your body with vitamins is vital in today’s high-tech world. Because of all the processing our natural food undergoes, it is often stripped of its natural vitamin properties. However, the use of natural versus synthetic vitamins has become quite an issue among manufacturers of both forms.

Which is better? Well, producers of natural vitamins claim that their vitamins are superior to the synthetic vitamins, most of the types you will find on the shelf these days. Naturally, manufactures of synthetic vitamins say this is not the case.


Both synthetic and natural vitamins generally have identical chemical structures, making them both exactly the same. The human body cannot tell the difference between a natural and synthetic vitamin. However, the difference between the two types of vitamins could be the way that the human body absorbs them. Bear in mind that, just because they are synthetic, doesn’t mean they are absorbed less effectively. In fact, the human body better absorbs certain synthetic vitamins than it does natural vitamins.

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