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Negative Calorie Foods

How Negative Calorie Foods Can Help
You Lose Weight

Tomato and CucumberUsing negative calorie foods to lose weight is a relatively new and controversial idea that has attracted a lot of attention. It may sound impossible, and if you are skeptical, a little research will show that the concept behind negative calorie foods is actually very simple and easy to put to use in your weight loss plan.

Negative calorie foods are essentially foods that actually contain less calories than it takes to digest them. For instance, you may eat a piece of fruit that contains 60 calories, but your body uses 75 calories to digest the fruit. You have essentially just burned 15 calories by eating. Most negative calorie foods are also very rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can benefit your health. Eating more of these foods will typically not cause weight gain, but can in fact cause weight loss. Because of this, when you eat negative calorie foods, you can eat larger portions more often, which can in turn speed up your metabolism. A faster metabolism also influences weight loss.

Examples of negative calorie foods include broccoli, cabbage, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, turnips, cucumbers, pineapple, papaya, grapefruit, and cauliflower.

Of course, you shouldn't limit your daily diet to just negative calorie foods. Your body needs nutrients from other sources as well. Include low-calorie and low-fat meats, dairy products, and grains in your diet. When you eat negative calorie foods, make healthy choices with other foods you eat, and exercise regularly, you will see significant weight loss results.


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