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Nothing to Wear? Try These Tips

Do you ever feel you have nothing to wear while you are staring at a closet full of clothes? If you answered yes, you are not alone. Many women have lots of clothes but are frustrated when it's time to get dressed - particularly on special occasions. You can get rid of this frustration once and for all by following these simple guidelines:

1. Purchase Carefully: Before you buy, consider if the item will go with three other items you own now, how long you'll be able to wear it before it will have gone out of style; if you can dress it up or down and if you can wear it during another season.

2. Shop With a Plan: Knowing items that will complement what you already have will stop impulse buying. Items bought on impulse can end up staying in your closet. Or if no thought has gone into a purchase you might be spending a lot for something you will seldom wear.

3. Be Clear on Your Assets: Find out what styles you should avoid and which styles accentuate. Just because an item is 'in style' doesn't mean it's the best choice for you. You will look much better in a classic style that suits you than a fashionable one that doesn't.

4. Systematic Shopping: Instead of buying all of your clothes at once it's better to have a shopping schedule. Add one or two items a month. When you shop this way you are less likely to become overwhelmed and will have (hopefully) put more thought into your purchases. The bonus - you will save money and your closet will have a better selection.

5. Trendy Items: If you want to look fashionable, then a few trendy items in your wardrobe are a must. However, buy the inexpensive items and buy only a few. Incorporating trendy accessories into your wardrobe is an inexpensive way to look fashionable without spending a lot.

6. Solids and Prints: Buy more solids than prints since prints are more difficult to match and can be outdated quickly.

7. Remove and Replace: Once you have built a workable wardrobe it is a good idea to continually remove and replace items you no longer wear. Having clothing in your closet that you never wear will cause clutter and make you feel overwhelmed.

ęCopyright 2008 Sheila Dicks
Sheila Dicks is an Image and Wardrobe consultant who helps men and women reach their full potential and gain greater self-confidence by finding their beauty from the inside out. You can find her at http://www.sheilasfashionsense.com

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