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The Benefits of Oregano


The herb we know as oregano is a native of northern Europe, where it grows freely. In addition, oregano has been cultivated for centuries, and the herb can now be found throughout the world. Oregano is prized not only for its strong flavor and pleasant aroma, but for its health benefits as well.

Oregano is known to have strong antibacterial properties, perhaps as a result of the volatile oils the herb contains. Some of these powerful volatile oils include thymol and carvacrol. Both of these substances have been shown to inhibit the growth of many kinds of bacteria, including some that cause serious food borne illnesses.

Mexican researchers have even studied oregano as a treatment for the common bacteria disease known as giardia. This common amoeba is common throughout the world, and it can cause serious illness in those afflicted. In one study, oregano proved to be more effective at treating giardia than the commonly .

The health effects of oregano do not stop with its antibacterial properties, however. Oregano is also a powerful source of many antioxidant vitamins. Antioxidant vitamins are thought to play a vital role in the prevention of many forms of cancer, as well as perhaps slowing down the aging process.

Oregano has been shown to have over 42 times the antioxidant activity as apples, 30 times higher than potatoes and 12 times more than oranges. As a matter of fact, ounce for ounce oregano is thought to be one of the most antioxidant dense of all foods.

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