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Easy Weight Loss Tip: Portion Control

So youíve tried just about every diet thatís ever been created, yet you still canít seem to stick to anything you put your mind to. One of the main reasons is because you find yourself craving more food. Sound familiar? Donít worry; you are not alone. Many have the same problem as you ó they just canít seem to lose the kilos even on a diet.

Letís face it; a diet is a restriction of food, something that is often needed after a few weeks or months of guilty splurging on rich, fatty foods and dangerous deserts. The problem is you donít want to be restricted, you want to have your cake and eat it too ó but the trick to keeping you sane on your diet and help you bring down the kilos is as simple as watching your portions.

Portion Control

Learn to control your weight by learning to control your portions.

A portion is easy to recognize and adapt. There is no counting calories or weighting up your food, however, it is a good idea to stick to low fat, unprocessed, healthy food instead of snacking on junk food and drive through take outís.

To determine your portion, have a look at the palm of your own right hand, now take your lean chicken, extra trim lean mince, hake or turkey breast and compare the size. For foods like rice and potatoes etc, simply clench your fist and compare it to the portion you are dishing up. Your fist and palm represent your own portion sizes, so use them as a measure to determine if youíre getting enough food or (most likely) too much.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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