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Puppy Care Tips: How to Puppy
Proof Your Home

Because puppies are like babies, you need to take extra care when bringing them home the first time round. They love to explore new things and just like babies, they will want to put almost everything they see into their mouth.

Before you bring home your new pup, make sure your home is puppy proofed with the help of these simple guidelines:

Don’t leave stuff lying around. Things like shoes, socks, pens, wallets — well just about everything — will be chewed up in a matter of seconds. Also ensure that harmful substances such as mothballs, cleaning fluids, rat poisons etc. are far from puppy’s reach — these are dangerous and can also be deadly to your new family member.


Bringing home a new puppy can bring a whole lot of joy to your home, but if this is your first time getting a new puppy, make sure you home is puppy proofed first.

Ensure that your garden is safe for puppy by removing any plastic bags, garden accessories and tools etc. Also remember to ensure that your garden is fenced off. Remember, your puppy wants to explore and he/she may just get lost. If you have a fence, make sure that the gate is closed and that the gaps of the fence have been sealed just in case your puppy can fit through and escape.

Make sure that before you bring your new pup home you have already purchased the following items in advance: food, food bowls and water bowls. Make sure that these are filled beforehand, should your puppy be hungry from the trip.

A collar is also a good idea. Again, puppies like to explore so try to get a nametag with your phone number fitted to the collar in case they get lost and found. A leash will also help you bring the puppy home, safely and easily.

Ensure that your puppy has a comfy place to sleep. If he/she will be sleeping indoors, a nice flat dog bed/pillow will do the trick and if they are going to be sleeping outdoors, make sure you have purchased a kennel for them with a blanket/dog bed inside.

And last but not least, ensure that your puppy has enough toys to keep them happy. Remember to keep in mind their safety, so make sure you purchase toys that are specially designed for puppy.

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