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Pyramid Power: How Does It Work?

Many people believe that the pyramids, the ancient wonders of Egypt and the world, contain supernatural as well as cosmic healing powers.

Pyramids were created and used by the ancient Egyptians to bury their pharaohs' tombs. They believed that through the design and architecture of the pyramid, as well as its link to drawing cosmic energy, they could preserve the souls of their pharaohs and allow their souls to reach the gods.

Claims have been made that the ancient Egyptian pyramids and their cone-shaped design are the highest point on earth, and due to this are able to receive the most cosmic energy.

According to CNN Destinations the highest known pyramid, which was created for Pharaoh Khufu, stands at about 450 feet and covers a surface area of around 13 acres. This pyramid is the first of the ten Pyramids of Giza. The two pyramids next to this one, which house the tombs of Pharaoh Kafhre and Pharaoh Menkaura, are, with Khufu’s pyramid (also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza), the highest pyramids and probably the most photographed and famous pyramids of all.

Today, myth has it that pyramids or structures that have been re-modeled on the Pyramids of Giza are able to draw the same cosmic energy as those built by the ancient Egyptians. However, these pyramids need to be structured with exact requirements. Although a pyramid has a unique design, recreating one based on its visual appearance only will probably not draw cosmic energy.

In order for it to draw and collect the cosmic energy, it must be at the correct angle and perfectly aligned in all cardinal directions — north, south, east and west. Generally, a pyramid will also have a crystal fixed at the top point to radiate the cosmic energy throughout the inside of the pyramid.

With the ancient pyramids the pharaoh's tomb was placed in the area that receives the most cosmic energy. That is the area that is directly under the point of the pyramid and is known as the "King's Chamber". Apparently the cosmic energy is most powerful in that area of the pyramid and then filters the energy out to the rest of the pyramid.

Pyramid power is mostly used today for spiritual enhancement through meditation practices. However, there have been reports that the cosmic powers of the pyramid can be converted into electrical energy and have been used to preserve food, keep razor blades sharp, warp time and even delay aging.

The only way you can really test these theories out is to see for yourself. One experiment that came up quite often and is fairly simple to do yourself, is to place a food item inside a perfectly structured pyramid. The pyramid must be designed at 52.606 degrees. Then place the exact same item of food outside and see how it reacts both inside and outside the pyramid.

Practicing meditation inside a pyramid is believed to give you the highest spiritual connection. This connection is even higher if you mediate inside the King's Quarters.

Meditation is believed to cleanse the body of all sorts of toxins, by calming the mind and enhancing spiritual awareness. The practice of meditation can be done using pyramid power, where one can use cosmic energy to cleanse the body of any stresses, and unblocking energy to increase the flow of wellness and general vitality.

Although it may be difficult to recreate a pyramid with exact blueprints to match those of the Pyramids of Giza, apparently it is possible to draw cosmic energy and enjoy a similar state of pyramid power by using symbols that have been remodeled on the Pyramids of Giza. Some of these symbols include miniature pyramid blocks, hollow stainless steel pipes that have been created with specific angles (power pyramids) and pyramid tents. Even quartz-shaped crystals are said to draw cosmic powers.

You can also build your own cosmic pyramid; the only thing you must ensure is that it is built to the exact angle, which is at 52.606 degrees. Apparently it can be made using any materials. You could also try sleeping with a pyramid under your pillow. This is believed to enhance your thoughts and keep you safe from negative emotions.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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