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Ravenna, Italy Travel Information

Ravenna, home to an amazing array of mosaics that date back as far as the fifth century, lies on the Adriatic coast of Northeastern Italy. Tours, both public and private, can be had on almost any day and provide a wealth of information along with the pleasant stroll. The streets of Ravenna are quaintly lined with cobblestones. The town is pleasant and peaceful and rather laid back in lifestyle, as is much of Italy.

The town itself is dotted with religious buildings, complete with monastic cloisters, bell towers, and exquisite frescoes. Several Basilicas offer a close look at exquisitely designed mosaics. The Basilica of S. Apollinare in Classe even has several impressive marble sarcophaguses of ancient archbishops.


In fact, if you are into the macabre, several mausoleums are also scattered throughout the town. Museums, theatres, and historic monuments provide hours of sightseeing opportunities and exploration.

The Alfonsine Nature Reserve has three different sections, each offering an interesting display. The Tre Canali Woodlands is home to a variety of white poplars. The Fornace Violani Pool is the ideal place to go for a look at moor hens, herons, and turtles. The Canali dei Mulini is blossoming with flora, including beautiful orchids.

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