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50 Reasons to Quit Smoking

One of the main reasons why smoking is so dangerous is due to the high levels of chemicals found in cigarettes. These chemicals include nicotine, carbon monoxide, butane (lighter fluid), arsenic and ammonia, to mention a few.

What may seem like a fun, social, harmless pastime is in fact a dangerous, deadly habit that can harm not only your health, but the health of those around you.

Keep reading, to discover fifty reasons why you should stop smoking:

  1. You can avoid getting hooked on nicotine. Nicotine, the main substance in cigarettes, is both mentally and physically addictive.

  2. Avoid highs and lows in your blood pressure and heart rate, brought on by consumption of nicotine.

  3. You can decrease your chances of developing lung cancer.

  4. Decrease your chances of developing respiratory problems.

  5. Decrease your chances of developing heart disease.

  6. And cut the chances of experiencing a heart attack.

  7. You can also prevent the risk of lung diseases, such as asthma, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and more.

  8. Kicking the habit will decrease your chances of developing cervical cancer.

  9. Decrease your chances of developing bladder cancer.

  10. Decrease your chances of developing pancreatic cancer.

  11. Decrease your chances of developing oral cancer or cancer of the mouth.

  12. You can also cut the risk and your chances of developing a stroke.

  13. Reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Smokers are more than twice at risk than non-smokers of developing Alzheimer's disease.

  14. You can say goodbye to bad breath.

  15. Plus you can save money by cutting down on breath fresheners and mouth sprays.

  16. Say goodbye and good riddance to unpleasant, stained yellow fingers and teeth.

  17. You can also enjoy less time at the dentist getting fillings. Smokers are said to get three times more cavities than non-smokers.

  18. You can avoid wrinkles and sagging skin. A report published in The Lancet found that smoking increases the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen. Collagen is the main protein responsible for your skin's elasticity.

  19. Women won't risk the chances of developing early menopause, which can be brought on earlier by cigarette smoking.

  20. Women can also keep estrogen levels normal, as smoking has been found to decrease estrogen levels in women.

  21. If you're trying to have a baby, you probably won't have to wait two months longer to fall pregnant. Research from the Institute of Health Sciences at Oxford University found that, on average, women who smoked while trying to fall pregnant took almost two months longer to fall pregnant that those who did not smoke.

  22. Decrease your chances of giving birth to an underweight baby. Women who smoke while pregnant increase their chances of giving birth to underweight babies.

  23. Men can increase their sperm count as smokers have been shown to have a lower sperm count than men who don't smoke.

  24. Also for the guys: giving up cigarettes means you are less likely to become bald as men who smoke are twice as likely to suffer with balding patches.

  25. Keep those around you safe. Smokers affect not only themselves but pass second-hand smoke to those around them, which has many health implications.

  26. Enjoy a fresh smelling home. Smoke gets absorbed into your furniture and upholstery resulting in a stale, bad smell.

  27. And that goes for your car as well.

  28. Avoid burning ugly cigarette holes in your car seats and the couch.

  29. You start to enjoy fresh smells because you won't have that lingering nicotine smell clinging to you all day.

  30. Start saving for that holiday. Smoking is an expensive habit. Think of all the fun activities you can do with the family with that money.

  31. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized rather than drained and deprived (of nicotine) in the mornings.

  32. Kicking the habit could lead to better circulation in the body, which means no more cold hands and feet.

  33. Less phlegm production, and fewer coughing and wheezing fits.

  34. Increase your chances of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.

  35. If you're over the age of 30, studies show that giving up smoking could decrease your chances of dying from smoking related diseases by up to 90 percent.

  36. If you're single, giving up cigarettes will increase your chances of finding a date because you are exposed to a whole new world of non-smokers.

  37. Enjoy traveling overseas without feeling stressed and edgy because you are not able to have regular nicotine fixes.

  38. Enjoy shopping sprees in a mall and coffee with friends without the need to go outside for a cigarette break.

  39. Giving up your nicotine crutch means you will finally be able to enjoy movies, shows and entertainment in non-smoking complexes.

  40. Your clothes will smell better and people will want to be around you rather than keep their distance.

  41. You can also cut down on using too much perfume to try mask the cigarette odor and you'll be saving the ozone killing two birds with one stone.

  42. Speaking of saving the world, you won't risk the chances of setting fire to your surroundings that could be caused by not extinguishing cigarettes properly.

  43. Or by clouding up the ozone with cigarette smoke.

  44. You will be more productive at work and possibly even increase your chances of getting a raise or a pat on the back, because you'll be spending less time taking cigarette breaks and more time at your desk.

  45. You can enjoy being nagged less. Your wife/husband and kids won't keep nagging you to quit smoking.

  46. Avoid running the risk of filling your lungs with carbon monoxide. This poisonous gas found in cigarettes is harmful to your health. Once it is in the bloodstream, it reduces the body's ability to transport oxygen. The result: more physical effort is required for any given task, which means:

  47. You can spend more time playing games with your kids without feeling worn out in the first five minutes, and

  48. You can finally start that physical sport you've always wanted to play and actually enjoy it.

  49. Your life insurance will more than likely come down because you are not as much of a risk as a smoker.

  50. Smokers are at increased risk of:

    Asthma is more severe
    Back pain
    Brain hemorrhage
    Cervical cancer
    Chronic obstructive lung disease
    Circulatory disease
    Colds are more severe
    Chron's disease (inflamed bowel)
    Diabetes (type 2)
    Duodenal ulcers
    Early menopause
    Erection problems
    Gum disease (causes loss of teeth)
    Hearing loss
    Heart disease
    Heart attacks
    Immune system works less efficiently
    Intestinal polyps
    Kidney and bladder cancers
    Ligament and muscle injuries
    Lip, mouth, tongue and throat cancers
    Liver cancer
    Lung and respiratory cancers
    Macular degeneration (causes eyesight loss)
    Neck pain
    Optic neuropathy (causes eyesight loss)
    Pancreatic cancer
    Peripheral vascular disease
    Premature aging of the skin
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Sperm count reduced
    Stomach cancer
    Wounds take longer to heal

It's never too late to quit smoking!

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