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The Risks of Tanning Beds


Tanning Beds and Skin Cancer
Think tanning beds are safe? Think again. Recent studies suggest that this quick fix causes more than orange skin and premature wrinkles. It causes skin cancer. The National Cancer Institute published a study in February 2002 involving 900 people with skin cancer and 550 people without. Those who reported any use of tanning beds were up to 2.5 times more likely to have had skin cancer. Past history of sunburns and sun exposure, in contrast, did not explain these results. Read more…

Understanding the Dangers of Tanning Beds
When it comes to getting a tan in a tanning bed, there is much controversy. For starters, people across the country have been building golden tans for several decades. While a tanned body is attractive, the problem is that there are also many tanning bed dangers, some that people know of and some that are hidden. Today, tanning salons account for a $5 billion a year industry that just keeps on growing. Read more…

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