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Ideas for Your Romantic-Themed Wedding

Romantic weddings are timeless classics, complete with soft décor and elegant touches. Find out how to plan your perfect, romantic wedding.

A romantic wedding theme should start with the wedding dress. Go for something that's soft, elegant and flowing, adorned with exquisite lace and crystal or beaded embellishments. Next, you want to consider your flowers. Nothing says romance quite like full, soft and pretty colored roses. Think pale pinks, ivories, whites, beiges, lilacs and pastel colors. Scatter petals all over the place, such as down the isle, on the buffet table, around the dance floor, around the wedding cake and anywhere else the opportunity strikes. Be careful not to overdo it though.

Decorate the hall in the same soft elegance by draping the walls with white fabric and covering the tables with white table cloths all the way to the floor.

For your centerpieces, fill silver bowls with clusters of overflowing roses in your wedding colors and complete the table décor with lots of candles, either in votives or on single, silver candle stands. Silver plate underliners make a bold, sophisticated statement, so couple these with elegant silver wear and stunning stemmed glasses for a ultra romantic feel.

For a more affordable centerpiece idea, spray paint small branchy trees in white and finish these off with fairly lights. Scatter rose petals on the table and place tea light candles in small, clear glass votives all around the table at each setting or every second setting.

Decorate chairs with white chair covers and tie a white organza sash or bow to every second chair. You could even place a rose in each bow for a more romantic, elegant feel.

Dim the lights and use fairly lights throughout the draping to create a magical, fairytale effect.

Sticking with the romantic theme, consider candles or little silver trinket boxes for your wedding favors.

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