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Running for Weight Loss

Good old fashion running is a great way to lose weight. Running is also a great way to increase your level of fitness and improve your overall quality of life.

Now bear in mind, there is running and then there is running for weight loss. A lot of runners, although they may not have slim and toned bodies, enjoy running for the experience, the fitness or perhaps, for how it makes them feel. Running can also be used as a great method to lose weight, but you will need to incorporate it into a weight loss plan in order to reap the rewards.

As with any other successful weight loss program, what you eat accounts for eighty percent of your weight loss success. That said, donít expect to lose weight because you run five kilometers every day, and unless youíve made a conscious effort to improve your daily eating regime your running wonít impact your weight loss.

At the end of the day, the way to lose weight is to take in less calories than what you burn on a daily basis. So, to lose weight, you need to ensure that you are eating less calories than how many you burn during your run. The best way to monitor this is to get yourself a heart rate monitor with a built in calorie counter, which will determine how many calories you have burnt during your run.

Be careful of energy drinks, which runners often use to help them run for longer, especially if your goal is to lose weight. Energy drinks are packed with extra calories, so if your goal is weight loss, stick to drinking water during your runs.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
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