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Sassafras Herb: Uses and Benefits

The sassafras herb is a native plant found in eastern Asia. This herb can have one of three different shaped leaves and grows on the sassafras tree, or shrub.

Sassafras herb has been known to be beneficial for various conditions. Some of the most common ones include bone and joint conditions, rheumatism, skin problems, stomach-aches and arthritic pain. The active ingredients in sassafras root contain about 2 percent essential oil and about 80 percent safrole.

The most common way to consume sassafras herb is through the consumption of tea. The tea is prepared by adding boiling water to roughly 2.5 grams of the root or bark of the plant. The sassafras should be finely chopped, to ensure a stronger flavour. After the water has soaked in the sassafras for about ten minutes, it should then be strained.

If you are considering consuming a sassafras tea blend, it is advisable to limit consumption to a maximum of 2 cups a day and for a limited time. Prolonged effects can be harmful to your health.

It's interesting to note that sassafras oil, which is extracted from the herb, is a known chemical that is used in the manufacture of the mood altering drug ecstasy. Safrole has also been found to cause liver cancer in lab rats.

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