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Amazing Facts About Our Senses

1.) An eyeball is almost a perfect sphere, measuring 24 mm across and the same from front to back, and 23.5 mm from top to bottom.

2.) Most people can tell apart up to 10,000 different smells, scents and odours.

3.) A young person has a total of 10,000 taste buds. This number falls by middle age to about 8,000 and in old age to nearer 5,000.

4.) We sense different basic flavours on different parts of the tongue. Sweet flavours are detected mainly at the front tip, salty ones along the front sides, sour along the rear sides, and bitter across the back.

5.) We can detect temperature differences of only 1-2C. For most people about 42-43C is comfortably warm, while 46-47C is uncomfortably hot.

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