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Shiny, Glossy Hair Could Be Yours

Hair that is glossy and shiny always looks great. Shiny hair is generally associated with healthy hair, so if you hair is a in a good condition and your health is in check, you could add a few finishing touches for a glossier mane.

If you follow an unhealthy lifestyle of smoking, drinking and eating junk food, chances are the signs are showing up in your hair. Make an effort to follow a healthy lifestyle and your hair (and skin and nails for that matter) will look in better condition, naturally.

Dull hair can also be caused by the food you are eating. Avoid anything in a box, as that kind of food is often processed and very bad for your skin and hair. Try to include more fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Avoid fizzy drinks, excess coffee and caffeine. Avoid deep fried food and rather opt to bake or grill your dishes. And remember to drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

If you color your hair, remember that the hair dying process strips the hair, which often results in dull hair. Boost your colored hair's shine by using products that have been specially formulated to treat and protect color-treated hair.

Avoid washing your hair every day as you will dry your hair out, therefore making it look dull and dreary. If you hair is very greasy and needs daily washing, speak to your hairdresser about a product that can help combat oiliness, or again, look to your nutrition as this could be the cause of your greasy hair.

Condition your hair when you wash and treat it to an intense, repairing masque at least once a week. When applying conditioner, never apply to the roots as this will only make your hair more greasy.

Flat iron your hair after it has dried and ensure you are using heat resistant protectants before you iron. Keeping the hair cuticles flat will help to reflect the light, making your hair appear sleeker and shinier.

Lastly, you can apply a small amount of hair silicone to your hair after you have styled it. Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub your palms together. Then, work the product through your hair using your fingers. Remember to avoid the roots.

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