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The Healing Power of Silicon

Silicon Sourses

The element we know as silicon is everywhere on earth, and it makes up a full one quarter of the earth’s crust. Therefore, silicon is found in large quantities in the soil, in the water and in plants. In the body, the highest concentrations of silicon can be found in the connective tissues, including collagen and cartilage. Silicon is also present in the eyes, tendons, hair, skin, blood vessels and tooth enamel.

Silicon supplements are sometimes used to help heal joints and cartilage, and there is some evidence that they may be effective for that purpose. Silicon is also being studied for a possible role in helping arthritis sufferers.

Dietary Sources of Silicon:

Silicon is everywhere in the soil, and therefore most fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of silicon.

Recommended Daily Intake of Silicon:

No recommended daily intake has been established for silicon.

Silicon Supplements:

Silicon is often included as part of a quality multivitamin supplement, and the most commonly seen strengths are between 20mg and 50mg.

Side Effects and Toxicity of Silicon:

Silicon is known to thin the blood, so anyone scheduled for surgery should stop silicon supplements and discuss the matter with their doctor.

Hemophiliacs and others who suffer from blood disorders should also use caution when taking supplements containing silicon.

Symptoms of Silicon Deficiency:

A silicon deficient diet can cause serious health problems like slow growth, poor bone development and arterial plaque.

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