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Sleep: How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

Sleep is as important as eating and we all need a good nights sleep in order to perform at our very best. But how much is too much? And just how much sleep should we actually be getting?

Look at any group of people in any surrounding. I can almost guarantee you that at least one, maybe even two people in that group are not getting sufficient sleep. How can you tell? Besides the obvious lethargy, people who are sleep deprived also suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: mood swings, cognitive difficulties, depression, a weakened immune system, lack of concentration as well as mental exhaustion.

Sleep is vital as it helps to rejuvenate the body and helps you to recover from physical activities and the stresses of daily life that take their toll on our bodies.

The amount of sleep required varies from person to person depending on their schedule, lifestyle as well as age factors. However, the generally acceptable amount of sleep is seven to eight hours.

How to sleep better:

  • Get into a routine. Sleep at the same time every night. Eventually your body will adjust to your routine.
  • Allow yourself to wind down for at least an hour or 30 minutes if you can.
  • Avoid having coffee, tea or other drinks containing caffeine late at night.
  • Avoid eating large meals late at night.
  • Try to exercise earlier in the day as opposed to after work if you are able to.
  • Use your bedroom only for sleeping ó donít use your bedroom to work, eat or watch TV.
  • If you battle to fall asleep after 30 minutes of lying in bed, sit quietly in the lounge and have a cup of warm milk. It will help you to wind down and get your body ready for bed.

Sleep is a naturally occurring human process. It can effect your daily life and
insufficient sleep can actually cause more harm than good.

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