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Simple Slimming Secrets

Losing weight is great, but it's not always possible to lose weight in a short amount of time. This article will show you how to use clever ways to make yourself appear slimmer.

Go for black
It is common knowledge that black makes your look slimmer. So, when choosing an outfit go for darker colors, specifically in evening dresses, skirts and work suits. You can team these up with colorful shirts, scarves or even shawls to add a bit of glam. If you are not a fan of black, then go for navy blue, brown, deep purple and even maroon as these dark colors work really well too.

Smart stripes
Generally speaking, stripes are a no-no, especially if you are on the heaver side. Horizontal stripes make you appear wider, so if you have got large hips, don't wear skirts or a dress that will add unnecessary emphasis to your hips. Vertical stripes can have the opposite effect. However, this only works with very thin stripes, such as pinstripes, and only when the clothing is not tight and figure hugging. Remember that clothing with vertical stripes that fit tightly on your body, can make you look "stretched-out" if your body is not in perfect shape.

Strike a pose
Your posture contributes a great deal to the way you look and making you appear smaller or bigger. Have a look at pictures of celebrities such as Liz Hurley and Jennifer Lopez when they're on the red carpet. You will notice that these stars have one thing in common: they all stand with good posture and pose with one leg in front of another. This pose gives a great hour-glass shape, so perfect your posture for a more slimming effect.

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