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Where Is Slovenia and What
Is It Known For?

Hang glider flying in the mountains in Slovenia.

Slovenia, officially the Republic of Slovenia, lies in the northwest Balkan Mountains of southern Europe. It borders Italy on the west, the Adriatic Sea on the southwest, Croatia on the south and east, Hungary on the northeast, and Austria on the north. The capital and largest city of Slovenia is Ljubljana.

Slovenia covers an area of 20,273 square kilometres and has a population of 2.06 million. The majority speak Slovene, which is also the country's official language. Other local official languages are Hungarian and Italian.

Slovenia is mountainous and hilly, with lowlands on the coast and in the Sava and Drava river valleys. The highest point of Slovenia is the 2,864 metre (9,396 ft) high Mount Triglav. The climate is generally continental inland and Mediterranean nearer the coast. The main agricultural products are potatoes, grain and sugar beet; the main industries include metal processing, electronics and consumer goods. Trade has been re-orientated towards western markets and the main trading partners are Germany and Italy. Slovenia joined the European Union in May 2004.

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