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Small Garden Design: Making the Most
of your Small Garden

Every homeowner wants a beautiful garden to compliment his home. Some gardens are big, some are small, and some are just right. If your garden is smaller than you care to admit, don't let that keep you from making the absolute most of it.

Get clever with your colouring
With smaller gardens it is a smart choice to try and keep the colour scheme simple. Don't go for too much colour variety as this may make your garden appear smaller and more 'cluttered'. Remember, less is more, so try to limit your colour selection to maybe two or three colours, combined with the natural greens and browns.

Don't waste space
If you have water features or pot plants in your garden, make sure they serve a purpose. If you're not planning on filling your water feature and having it operational, get rid of it. The same goes for pot plants. If you aren't going to fill them with flowers, they are just wasting space and making your garden even smaller.

Don't be too bold
While bold plants and garden landscapes may look fantastic in your rich uncle's backyard, they may not do the same for your small garden. Remember, overpowering plants and designs such as rock landscapes, and ponds, etc., don't really work well in a small space.

Go up
Another clever way of making your garden appear bigger is to landscape upwards rather than outwards. One clever way to do this is to raise your flowerbeds. Instead of planting your flowerbeds directly in the ground, try to create a raised wooden box around your flowerbeds and filling it with sand. Then plant your seedlings in that, and use the bottom portion to decorate with rocks and green, leafy plants. You will be amazed at how much extra space you can create.

Pot instead of plant
Limit yourself to one ground flowerbed and use pots for the remainder of your plants. Digging flowerbeds take up a lot of space, and by utilizing pretty pots instead, you can create more space and a more appealing effect.

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