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How to Make a Smoothie (Recipes Included)

Super Smoothies


Smoothies are fast becoming the most desirable health drink on the market. All over health kiosks and trendy restaurants, waiter trays are flooded with bright, bold smoothies, oozing with flavor and appeal. These delicious drinks are packed with fresh goodness and taste like heaven. Not only are they kind to your taste buds, but also a big bonus to your hard-earned figure.

A smoothie can replace any meal of the day or simply add to a healthy meal. Although they look good in magazines and at restaurants, some smoothies are destroyed by common mistakes people make. Get Fit introduces you to ten hints to help you make your smoothies burst with flavor and goodness.

To keep your calorie level low, opt for low fat or fat free dairy products when making smoothies. Avoid any full cream yogurts or milk products, as these will cancel out the health benefits of drinking smoothies.

2. To create the best tasting smoothie, make use of only the highest quality, freshest fruit. Fruit that is perfectly ripe and in the prime of its season will allow your smoothie to burst with color and flavor.

3. Avoid using artificial sweeteners as much as possible as they leave a bitter aftertaste. For additional flavor, rather use a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup instead. If you'd prefer to stick to the healthiest method of making a smoothie, add half of a ripe banana into your smoothie recipe.

4. If using frozen fruit, make sure you use it within two weeks as the flavor fades the longer they are kept frozen.

5. Experiment with flavored ice cubes. This is a great way to create a cool and thick smoothie, full of concentrated flavor. To make, simply pour the juice, tea, or nectar of your preference into an ice cube tray and freeze.

6. Freeze up some juice into ice cubes and experiment with various flavors. All you need to do is add some fresh fruit or herbal flavored tea into an ice-cube tray and freeze.

7. Using a blender, crush the plain or flavored ice cubes or for maximum consistency crush the ice cubes before adding them into the blender. Simply wrap up the ice cubes in a clean dishtowel and using a frying pan or rolling pin, smash the ice until crushed.

8. For a thick smoothie, add an additional handful of frozen fruit, frozen yoghurt and crushed ice. If you prefer a lighter smooth, simply add more liquid.

9. If you're interested in adding some protein to your smoothies, simply add a scoop of vanilla or strawberry protein powder to your mixture and enjoy as a complete meal.

10. Enjoy your smoothie at its very best by drinking it directly after it has been made.

Our top three super smoothies:

Cinnamon-banana blast
You will need
cup of skim milk
250ml (1 cup) fat free banana flavored yogurt
8 Crushed strawberry flavored ice cubes
1 ripe banana
1-teaspoon cinnamon flavored powder
Mint Leaves

Mix ingredients in a blender at a high speed for 8 minutes, pour into a tall milkshake glass and enjoy with a fresh mint leaf on top.

Strawberry protein sensation
You will need
cup skim milk
250ml (1 cup) fat free strawberry flavored yogurt
A handful of fresh chopped strawberries
1 scoop strawberry flavored protein powder
8 crushed ice cubes

Mix ingredients in a blender at a high speed for 8 minutes, pour into a tall milkshake glass and enjoy with whole strawberry on top.

Mango and papaya paradise
You will need
One ripe chopped mango
One ripe chopped papaya
cup skim milk
250ml (1 cup) fat free peach flavored fruit yogurt
8 crushed, mango juice ice cubes

Mix ingredients in a blender at a high speed for 8 minutes, pour into a tall milkshake glass and enjoy with whole slice of papaya shaped around the top of the glass.

About The Author
Dimi Deliyiannis is the founder and editor of GetFIT.co.za, a free online magazine with information on training, diet and nutrition. She regularly writes articles for top South African magazines, including: Fitness, Muscle Evolution and Women's Value. Visit her website on www.getfit.co.za.


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