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How Does One Start a Book Club?

Book clubs are a great way to get a group of likeminded friends together and discuss a new book you have just read. Reading a story is one thing, but being able to discuss the story and get some conversation going, is even better. Even more, talking about the book keeps the story alive and also offers you the opportunity to see other people's perspectives on what you've read.

So, why not get a group of your favourite friends together and start your own little book club? A bottle of wine, some delicious snacks and gossip (saved for later), should also be considered to make your book club more interesting and fun.

Where to start

  1. First you need to get a small group of likeminded friends together. Anything from three to five members is a good number. Talk to your friends and see who would be interested. This should be a social gathering, so try to treat the organising like a get together rather than a study group.

  2. Next you will need to decide on what types of books you and your friends are interested in reading. It's important that you have the same or similar tastes in books. After all, if you are expected to buy the book, you at least want to ensure it is one that everyone, or at least most, will enjoy.

  3. Ask each member of your group to list five books that they have not read and would like to read. From those five titles, see which ones come up multiple times and decide from there. Alternately you can each choose one book and rotate. Choose from a variety of books, from style guides to travel, autobiographies to fiction and self-help books.

  4. Decide on where and when you would like to meet to discuss the book. This can be in a month or two's time, depending on what your group can commit to. Your meetings can be held at a coffee shop or rotated at each member's house. If you are holding the meeting at your house, it is a good idea to supply the snacks for that meeting. That way your members will look forward to your meetings as a way to escape the daily chores of everyday living.

  5. Be strict about the conversation. When a group of friends get together it is easy to drift off into a conversation about husbands, boyfriends, kids, dogs and shopping. Not to say that you shouldn't talk about the scoop, just ensure that you at least dedicate some time to discussing the book, and allow the additional chatter to follow afterwards.

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