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Step Classes: What is a Step Class?

Step class is a great class to get involved in, irrespective of your shape, weight or level of fitness. Itís fun and also flips your fat burning switches into overdrive. A step class will leave you feeling pumped and energetic and itís a great place to meet a buddy or two.

The other benefit of step class, apart from the obvious calorie meltdown, is that step class will help build your coordination, balance, strength and stamina while helping you achieve a level of fitness and weight loss or management.

Step Class

Challenge your fitness with a fun and funky step class. Youíll not only shed the weight, but have a whole lotta fun doing it too!

Itís pretty much a dance, aerobics workout that is performed on a platform or a step. The step is unique as it doesnít cause damage to your joints due to its built in shock absorption. And, depending on the level of intensity you wish to achieve, you can adjust the step height up or down.

Besides the basic step up and down on the platform, a step class will generally incorporate other signature moves such as turns, shuffles, kicks, taps, side-steps as well as coordinated moves that work the whole body. The moves go according to beats in the music and once you have mastered the moves, you can add more intensity to your workout by flowing with the moves.

Although each step class is unique and choreographed by the instructor, they all have some basic moves. If you decide to join a class for the first time, donít be taken aback by all the moves. Keep attending regular classes and in no time youíll be a step-stepping expert!

Author: Dimi Ingle
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