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How to Be Stylish in Summer

Summer time is always great. Your energy levels are up, the sun is shining, and if you've been working out all winter, you're in pretty fine shape. But just because your body is looking great doesn't mean it is time to slack off on your style.

Although dressing up in winter is far easier, because you can really pile on the layers, dressing in the summer can be just as stylish.

Follow this fabulous guide to summer dressing and be a sun worshipper:

For the beach

First find a swimsuit that suits your body and complexion perfectly. Try on a variety of styles and see what works for you and your body shape. Black swimsuits are great to dress up, as are metallic fabrics like gold and bronze. Avoid white and silver unless you're in perfect shape and find a fabric that is thick enough to not be see-through.

Dress it up with a pair of stylish sunglasses. Go for a pair that is bold and suits your swimsuit. Then, look for a hat, which not only keeps your face and shoulders covered, but that looks sensational too.

Bangles are a smart way to accessorize a simple swimsuit. Keep them minimal though as the last thing you want is big, white tan marks on your arms. Also remember, if you're lying in the sun, to move the bangle position every now and then to get an even tan.

You can also dress up with sexy, metallic, flat sandals with pretty embellishments. Just because you're wearing slops, doesn't mean you should be sloppy!

For lovely lunches by the pool

Again, look for a stylish pair of sunglasses. If you're out in the sun, a hat is a great way to jazz up your look and keep you safe from the sun's rays.

Stock up on pretty, lightweight dresses or longer, sheer tops that can be worn over your bikini top, as well as a pair of white, short shorts. Because you never know when you're going to want to take a dip in the pool.

Keep your earrings small and simple to avoid them strangling you when you have a swim.

For a sundowner at the cocktail bar

Cocktails in the summer go perfectly together. This is your chance to glam your look up a little more. Because it is late in the afternoon, you can wear a little more than your daytime dress.

Sheer tops with shorts and three-quartered flair dresses are perfect for hanging out at the bar. Lose the hat and the sunglasses and pile on the bling instead. Go for sexy, long and dangling earrings, bold, glittering bangles and high heeled sandals to match your accessories.

Tops with added sparkle and metallic are also sure winners for a summer time splash.

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