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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is a season of sun-kissed skin and a healthy glow. You want to look fabulous? Your goal is a fresh, no-makeup appearance, a healthy, natural look with just a splash of vibrant and bold color.

Here are some essential makeup trends for the season:

1. Skin - Make your skin seem flawless, smooth, and absolutely perfect. Use a smart foundation; make sure to buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF protection. Try to keep it as minimal as possible. You want to blend outward from your nose for a continuous finish. These moisturizers are great for any skin type and provide enough coverage for the average woman.

2. Eyes - Make your eyes sparkle; make them speak volumes with a stroke of a brush. Be daring with bright blues, mesmerizing greens, sassy purples or playful teals. Try to use a single shade to avoid a color catastrophe. If those shades are too over-the-top, try a bright colored eyeliner in addition to your normal eye shadow. You don't need to rely on black for the smoky eyes, anymore! You still get the WOW without the extra POW.

3. Cheeks - High cheek bones create that svelte facial contour that every woman wants. So why not highlight them with sheer pinks, soft roses, subtle peaches and delicate apricots. These are the best shades for a natural, active look. Apply them at the temple, in an upwards motion into the hairline; this sweeping application gives you a youthful appearance.

4. Lips - Many poets throughout history have praised lips; their shape, their color, their feel, so let's continue the trend. The season's hottest lip color is ruby red, the classic sexy and the always current. If the red is too dramatic, then go glossy, a slight, dewy shine works best.

5. At the very least, here are the top three simple tips of the season:

a. Metallic eyeshadows are still hot, use silver, gold, bronze, and mauve.

b. Use easy to apply-at-home eyelash (falsies) strips to augment your eyes.

c. Use fashionable nail color, vibrant pinks and super chic purples are going to be this season's artistic explosion of neon.

Just follow some of the makeup tips mentioned above and you should be right-on-track for looking gorgeous and ready-to-go this summer!

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