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Summer Sleep Tips

Warmer weather is great for everything except your beauty sleep. As many as 76% of us find it harder to snooze at this time of year, according to a recent study, while researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health in the US have discovered that this sleep deprivation can negatively affect our levels of energy and concentration.

These tips can help you sleep during summer:

  • Long, light evenings are meant for enjoying, but ensure you have at least an hour of quiet time before bed.

  • The summer sun can rise at 3.30am, which may wake you. Invest in an eye mask or heavy curtains.

  • Stay cool. If you're too warm, you'll find it harder to drop off or will wake up sooner. Swap your duvet for a lower tog, or use just a sheet on warmer evenings.

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