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The Health Benefits of Tansy

Tansy is a widely grown herb with a number of traditional medicinal uses, though most modern herbalists warn against its use by laymen.

Internally, tansy is primarily used for expelling worms in children and adults. Take an infusion teaspoonful morning, noon, and evening. Pour 1 cup of the infusion over cup raisins. Let the raisins swell with the liquid. Then take 3 tsp. doses of the liquid daily.

Tansy is used to promote suppressed menstruation, for hysteria, kidney weaknesses, nervousness and fever.

Externally, an infusion of leaves and flowers is a good wash for skin problems and blemishes, as well as for bruises and sprains. A hot fomentation is used for arthritic and rheumatic pains.

Warning: Tansy is a mild irritant when used in small doses. It can be poisonous, even when applied externally. An overdose of tansy oil or tea can be fatal, since it contains the toxic substance thujone. It would probably be best to avoid using tansy. Its use is only recommended under the supervision of someone qualified in the administration of this substance.

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