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Thera-Bands: Your All-In-One Toning System

Thera-bands, gym bands, fitness bands, exercise bands… Call them what you will, but these bands are fast becoming the most versatile piece of at-home gym equipment on the market. They're small and can be used and adapted to just about any workout system. Even better is they travel easily, so you can take them with you on holiday and get in shape in the comfort of your hotel room.

Thera-bands are usually made of natural rubber latex and have quite extensive stretching capabilities. Thera-bands are similar to resistance tubing, with the only difference being resistance tubes have handles and the thera-bands have a ribbon-like, flat appearance as apposed to the tubes, which have a cable-like appearance. Both can be used to target and tone various muscle groups within the body. Just about any standard dumbbell exercise can be adapted with the thera-band or resistance tubes.

For instance, instead of performing standing shoulder-front raises with a set of dumbbells, place the thera-band on the floor, grasping one end in each hand. Then, to add resistance, step onto the middle of the band and slowly raise your arms upwards in front of you (as shown in the picture). Return to the starting position and repeat. To increase the intensity of this exercise, simply step your feet further apart on the band.

There are literally hundreds more exercises you can do using thera-bands, so next time you're at the gym, ask one of the personal trainers to show you a few moves or search the internet for hundreds of cool workouts.

Who said you need a whole lot of gym equipment to get in shape or
get a decent workout? Thera-bands are small and inexpensive
and can be used as a full-body toning system.

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