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Tooth Decay Prevention:
Drink Through a Straw

Cola drinks promote tooth decay. In addition to sugar, colas contain phosphoric and citric acids. Both are harmful to enamel.

Sports drinks, however, are even more damaging to teeth than soft drinks. According to a study in General Dentistry, sports drinks, bottled lemonade, canned ice tea, and energy drinks are 11 times more damaging to tooth enamel than colas.

In addition to tooth decay, drinks like tea, coffee and colas can stain your teeth.

Straw Drinking

Start protecting your smile today by drinking everything through a straw. Position the straw towards the back of your mouth. "This will limit the amount of time the beverage is in contact with your teeth," says Dr. William Lee, member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, president of the Massachusetts Academy of General Dentistry, and a general dentist in Dorchester.

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