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Travel to the Island of Florianopolis

Off the western coast of Brazil lies an exquisite jewel of sunshine, surf, and sand. A mere eleven miles wide and thirty-one miles long, the beautiful island of Florianopolis is home to more than forty sandy beaches.

Referred to by residents as “Paradise Island,” Florianopolis is a beautiful location. Vacationers can select among luxury hotels and spas for an elegant stay or beach houses for a more relaxed and down-to-earth visit.

Local cuisine will tempt and tantalize the taste buds as visitors savor authentic Brazilian cuisine, including many seafood varieties. Local bars and nightclubs provide enormous fun and entertainment, while secluded, candlelit spots offer a taste of romance. Flavored fruit beverages, entrancing music, and teasing aromas blend together to create the perfect atmosphere.

Also known as Floripa, Florianopolis is an intriguing destination with white sands and gentle, balmy breezes that caress with a refreshing air. A subtropical island paradise, Florianopolis provides quick and easy access to the Brazilian mainland via the Hercilio Luz Bridge, a delightful suspension bridge.

Sandboards in the Dunes, Florianopolis

Constant reminders of early inhabitants are interspersed throughout the island and include beautiful shells, sambaquis, and rock inscriptions. The island’s rich cultural identity can be traced to the Carijos Indians, Portuguese, and Spanish explorers.

The Lagoa da Conceicao, a large lake, lies at the center of the island providing a scenic place to enjoy a few moments of relaxation. Fresh water lagoons, glistening waterfalls, rocky mountains, and crystal clear waters captivate tourists and residents alike with their pristine beauty.

An eclectic array of activities is offered on the island. High adventure sports like kayaking, surfing, sailing, hiking, hang gliding, and mountain biking offer a bit of excitement for the adventurer in the group. More refined activities such as bird watching, walking, fishing, and swimming offer excellent chances to enjoy the local scenery up close and personal.

Florianopolis has a taste of true paradise reflected in its unusual beauty. Friendly people, delightful accommodations, and terrific amenities make for a pleasant stay.

Copyright: Susan M. Keenan 2006

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