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The Trench Coat: A Timeless Fashion Item

The trench coat is just one of those fashion items that will always remain in fashion. Although you will find that styles change through the seasons, incorporating more modern twists, the basic silhouette of the trench coat is unmistakably iconic.

A trench coat is typically longer than a jacket and although it is a "coat", it doesn't have to be thick and wooly. It can be made from a heavy or lightweight fabric, and is tailored and fitted like a jacket.

The history of the trench coat is far from fashionable. In the 1850's, Thomas Burberry, the name behind the well-established Burberry fashion label, submitted the trench coat as a raincoat design for the United Kingdom's officers during the war. His design then went on to become an optional uniform item for the British Army.

Since the days of war, trench coats have become fashionable items for winter, and are worn by both men and women alike. Celebrities also love trench coats. Justin Timberlake is a huge fan and has often been seen wearing beautiful trench coats in his music videos and on stage whilst performing. The popular television series, Gossip Girl is also full of 5th Avenue New Yorkers who love their trench.

Trench coats are so great because they can be worn with absolutely everything. A trench coat looks great with jeans and shirt, or with a skirt and boots. Even sexy, heel wearing legs, peeping out from your trench are very alluring. Feel like wearing a sexy, evening gown? The trench is the perfect cover up to keep you warm before the big event and it will always look stylish.

When investing in a trench coat, go for a classic style that can be worn for many seasons to come. Also, invest in a piece that is a solid color as apposed to seasonal shade. For example, black, red, white or brown are great color options as these will go with many different items to help you create many different looks.

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