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Types of Bags

Women all around the world are spending a huge chunk of their salaries on bag shopping, and most of them have a collection of bags. From hobo bags to sexy clutches, bags are really the number one fashion accessory.

This small guide will introduce you to the different variations and styles of handbags.

The Accordion Bag

Named after its resemblance to the accordion instrument, these bags have expanding capabilities. The fabric is pleated together or quilted and stitched in such as way as to allow the bag to expand and contract.

The Baguette Bag


From Guess to Gucci, Louis Vuitton to cheap flea market knock offs, bags are making a fashion statement.

Again, the name of this one has been derived from its similarities to the Baguette bread roll. The bag itself is long and narrow, with a shoulder strap. This type of bag is generally quite small and worn with evening or cocktail dresses.

The Clutch

A clutch bag is generally considered an evening bag. Not only because of its small, subtle size, but because it really compliments an evening outfit. Clutch bags come in a variety of styles and colors and are generally long and rectangular and do not have a handle (hence the clutch).

The Satchel

This type of bag is a small bag that is generally used to carry books and with one sling that is worn over the shoulder. Think of your typical varsity bag.

The Hobo Bag

Hobo handbags are very stylish, yet versatile bags, ideal for all women. They are used to store an abundance of items and they generally have a slouchy look. These bags come in a vast range of styles, sizes and colors.

The Tote Bag

The tote bag is similar to the hobo bag accept that is not generally rounded. Tote bags are usually square or rectangular in size.

The Pompadour Bag

This bag is a small pouch bag, generally made out of lace or velvet and is finished off with a chain or cord.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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