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Violet Herb: Benefits and Uses

Viola odorata, also known as sweet violet and garden violet, is a perennial plant with heart-shaped leaves and sweet-scented flowers ranging in color from pink through to deep purple. In the kitchen, violets can be added to salads, or can be crystallized to make beautiful decorations on cakes and desserts.

A good vulnerary, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic herb, the whole plant can be used in ointments to heal sores and ulcers, and to reduce inflammation. In India the herb is known as Banafsa, Banafsha or Banaksa, where it is commonly used as remedy to cure sore throat and tonsilitis.

Internally, when taken as a tea or tincture it will promote perspiration and act as an expectorant for catarrh and bronchial complaints, and as a diuretic.

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