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Vitamin and Multivitamin Supplements


As part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, vitamin supplements can give you the additional nutrients your body needs to thrive. If you suspect you aren't getting the proper balance of vitamins and minerals you need, supplements can help fill in nutritional gaps. Typically, a high quality multivitamin should be the foundation for your vitamin regimen, although you may need additional supplements to correct nutrient deficiencies the multivitamin cannot handle. However, speak with your doctor before beginning any sort of supplement plan. They will be able to address your specific needs and direct you towards products that will enhance, not hinder, your healthy lifestyle.

While vitamin supplements are not a fix-it pill, they can help fill in the gaps if you're already doing your best to stay healthy, but are still lacking important nutrients. There are several nutrients that are essential to maintaining the quality of your health, and these should be the first you look for in a supplement to ensure you're getting the proper amount. For example, calcium and B-vitamins are two very important nutrients a healthy body needs. If you're lacking in either of these, choose a multivitamin that includes both B-vitamins and calcium or purchase separate supplements altogether to take with your multivitamin. A quality multivitamin supplement will probably include everything you need, but once again your doctor will advise you about which nutrients you're lacking and what products can help correct that.

It's true that vitamin supplements can help you obtain the nutrients you may be lacking, but do not think of supplements as a cure-all pill. When incorporated into a moderately healthy diet and lifestyle plan, supplements can benefit you. However, if you're already significantly lacking in the basic essential nutrients, you need to think about making a few dietary changes before vitamins can help you. By making an effort to include healthier food choices into your daily lifestyle and getting a moderate amount of exercise each day, you can obtain the most benefit when you use a vitamin supplement.

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