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Vitamin E: Benefits, Sources,
RDA, Deficiency

Vitamin Picketing

Letís face it: none of us wants to get old, and we are all looking for that magical formula that will keep us young and vibrant forever. While vitamin E may not be that magic pill, it does seem to have some strong effects on the aging process.

Vitamin E has been studied for everything from its ability to reduce wrinkles to its role in combating aging and preventing cancer. Vitamin E is known to be a strong antioxidant vitamin, important for protecting the body from damage by free radicals.

Vitamin E is also thought to play a role in increasing stamina and endurance, and for this reason many fitness enthusiasts and athletes take vitamin E on a regular basis. Vitamin E is also popular with many older people, who enjoy an increase in their overall health and vitality.

Dietary Sources of Vitamin E:

Some of the foods that are highest in vitamin E include nuts, seeds and many oils. In addition, vitamin E is also present in foods as diverse as grains, spinach, seafood, beef, apples, avocados and celery.

Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin E:

The recommended daily intake of vitamin E is 30 IU.

Vitamin E Supplements:

In most cases a vitamin E supplement will contain at least 300 IU, with the most commonly seen dosage being 400 IU. Some supplements go even further, providing 800 or even 1000 IU per tablet.

In addition, vitamin E is a part of most multivitamin formulas, and it combines well with vitamin A, vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins, as well as with calcium.

Side Effects and Toxicity of Vitamin E:

At doses exceeding 1200 IU, diarrhea has occurred, and even an 800 IU dose can sometimes cause abdominal cramping and pain.

Symptoms of Vitamin E Deficiency:

Vitamin E is readily stored by the body, and therefore documented cases of deficiency are very rare. Those who do suffer from vitamin E deficiency often experience fatigue, impaired fertility, gallstones and acne.

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