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Five Staple Wardrobe Must-Haves

While fashions change from season to season, there are just some items every girl's got to have in her wardrobe. These items are the ones that serve as your basics, but can be reworked and styled to look fashionably on trend, no matter the season.

Every girl's got to have...

Great fitting black pants

Find yourself a pair of really perfect fitting black pants. This pair should be plain and simple with no embellishments, but above all, should fit you like they were made for you. If you can't find the perfect fitting pair in store, get them made. It pays to invest in these pants, as they will see you for many seasons ahead.

Jeans that make your butt look great

Every girl needs to feel like a sexy siren, and what better way to feel like a siren than with a pair of jeans that show off your assets. Before investing in the "ultimate pair" try them on, do a 360-degree turn in the change room and take a friend with for advice. You'll know the winning style when heads turn and jaws drop.

The collared white shirt

While this may seem like a very "formal" piece, a white collared shirt can be worked in so many ways and every girl should have one (or two) hanging front and center in her wardrobe. If you can only afford one, choose a long-sleeved one over a short-sleeved one, as you can roll up the sleeves and do so much more with it. You can then jazz this piece up with current, trendy accessories, scarves, hats, earrings the possibilities are virtually endless.

Sexy, black stilettos

Stilettos will always be the hottest shoe ever made and it is very doubtful that they will ever lose their appeal. Go for a plain, black, patent pump that feels comfortable and looks effortlessly chic. These shoes can be worn with everything from pants, to dresses, skirts to three quarter pants and beyond.

The little black dress

Cute, sexy and totally stylish. Invest in your perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) that can be worn on its own, dressed up (with accessories, a gorgeous clutch and sexy heels), or dress it down (wear it with a collared shirt over the top and simple jacket for a chic day look).

When choosing your LBD, make sure it fits you well and accentuates your best assets. Also, remember the plainer it is the easier it will be to transform it to suit your style and event. Simple, A-Line LBD's are the best choice.

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